About us

This is how it works with us!

We strive to keep a positive and forthcoming environment that we can all thrive in. Therefore it is not permitted to listen to music at high volume or other activity that could bother the other guests. We do not allow people to party at the hostel, common sense is what we are working after. Only people who are checked in has access to the rooms and facilities of the hostel. If we are notified of disturbances or other behaviour not complying with our rules, we reserve our right to cancel our contract and reject you as guests.


Maximum of 7 days(1 week) if nothing else is agreed upon.


We will hold customers and their guests responsible for any damage to our property.
Customers are responsible for their own belongings.
We reserve the right to charge a fee for any damaged property.

Smoking is strictly forbidden in all rooms and spaces of the hostel.

Any violation of this rule will be regarded as a breach of contract. All expenses will be charged on your credit-card.


Payment and advance payment
You have 5 days from when you get the booking confirmation, to pay the advance, either by credit-card or deposit to our BG-account.

The advance payment is 20% of the total amount and will not be refunded in the case of cancellation.
Of course the advance is deducted from the the total amount. If nothing else has been agreed upon, payment of the remaining amount is paid at check-in.

For groups the rules of payment differ from the rules stated above. When you book we will inform you of the rules that apply.

We do not accept cash payment, if nothing else is agreed upon.


Cancellations is possible 12.00, 2 days before arrival. If the booking is cancelled later than this or you don’t show up, you will be charged for a nights rent. Please notice that a stay that already started cannot be changed or cancelled.

For groups the rules of payment differ from the rules stated above. When you book we will inform you of the rules that apply.


All prices is inclusive tax, but can be subject to changes. We accept most major credit-cards. We do not accept cash, cashier’s check, coupons or foreign currency, if nothing else has been agreed upon.

Check-in is between 13.00-16.00. If you are not able to check at this time, please inform us of this in advance for instructions. Notice that you will need to have coverage on your credit-card at the time of booking if arriving after 16.00.

Check out is 11.00 at the latest, just leave the key in the key-drop at the reception.


Public parking is located just outside the hostel. The parking meter takes both credit-cards and coins. The price is 15,-sek an hour between 08.00-20.00, outside this time it cost 3,-sek/hour.


All of our rooms are equipped with smoke sensors, our system shows us which rooms trigger the alarm. Please notice that these sensors are silent, so you will not know when they have been triggered. They are connected to our security and from there to the fire department that will move out at an alarm signal. If the alarm is triggered by reckless behaviour on your part, you will be fined 10.000,- sek wich will be charged directly from your credit-card.


We have two fully equipped kitchens. Both with a stove, microwave oven and refrigerator/freezer. Please mark your groceries with your room number to avoid misunderstandings.

If you have an emergency, call 112.